Workers of The Greater World unite for the work ahead...
"In recent years we have reeled from the horrors that have been inflicted upon us by those who seek to destroy all that is good and beautiful in this world. The horror of it forbids acceptance, heads are lowered so that the eyes will not have to see and the mind not have to deal with that which is considered to be unpleasant. Those of us who are spiritually awakened need to be even more vigilant in our awareness of what is being prepared for the future.

The earthly journey of the pilgrim is not an easy one. If you think about it, you are an alien in an alien land. Your soul has begun to throb with the power and the light of the universe. You are registering the fact that you are capable of creating good in order to forward the plan that God has for all mankind. Being able to create good also implies that you are capable of creating evil.

No one wishes to believe that they create evil. It is not a sophisticated word for use in society today. We are prepared to use words such as darkness and negativity of thought. But there are many people in this world who do indeed perpetrate evil deeds and you read about them in the newspapers and hear about them on the radio and see the results of them on the television every day.  

The one important responsibility that God has given to all His children is the stewardship of His House. The stewardship that we carry with us all the time, wherever we are, whatever we are doing, is registered in the great ledger of time. For God's kingdom is the universe and His church the universal church of the Christ consciousness. Without that consciousness, in whatever measure you carry it, you would not exist.

We have instruction given to us about this great responsibility in one beautiful form and that is through the teaching of Jesus. I heard a wonderful explanation of the word Bible recently that I think would be of interest to you - 'Basic instruction Before Leaving Earth'. How wonderful it would be if in the coming years more people would begin to understand the message of Jesus and search the scriptures for a deeper meaning to their lives. Surely this would make a difference to the way in which they would live their lives, to the way in which they would regard their fellow man. For we are all brothers and sisters of Jesus the Christ. We are in fact all Israelites.

Within this responsibility of stewardship we are given ample opportunity, through the teaching of Jesus, to know what is expected of us. He gives us many examples of how stewards should behave. They must be honest, have integrity, be loyal, deal fairly with their master's debtors and make sure that the master's coffers are filled with sufficient of everything, from oil to grain, from wine to money, so that his estate can continue to carry on the business.

Sadly, the parables of Jesus are too often misunderstood and have been misinterpreted by the church hierarchy down through the ages to fit the message that they wished the people to hear. Now, we have the opportunity to re-examine these tales and see them in a different light. Being most fortunate at this time, we have the freedom to learn and to know as much as we wish to learn and know about the teachings given to us in the Bible and of Jesus in particular.

You have been given the opportunity to become a member, a citizen, of a spiritual kingdom, a constituent part of the household of faith, here on earth. The Apostle Peter urged the Christians in Tome and in Asia Minor and everywhere he went, to render a holy acceptable and reasonable service through the dedication of themselves, 'a living sacrifice' to God. The incarnation of the Christ upon the earth offered to all men the realisation of distinguishing between things spiritual and things secular. For to the redeemed man the difference fades away, because whatever he does he recognises the glory of God to be his constant aim and objective.

Membership of this Royal Priesthood is not conditioned by the distinction of age, sex or nationality. Through this fellowship we are become one family and one household. In certain respects each one watches over another, teaches, instructs and cares for one another, according to their measure of attainment.

We are told in the book of Revelation that all the people of God are a Royal Priesthood - (1Peter 1:9) peter says, 'You are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God's own people, in order that you might proclaim the mighty acts of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvellous Light.'  He was not referring to those Jews who had become followers of the Christ. He was speaking to all nationalities, whether Jew or Gentile, who had become followers of the Christ.

Membership of this kingdom is a privilege and requires corresponding responsibility. Ideally it is in an outward sign of an inner union with the Christ consciousness as the living head and with other members of the living body.

This union cannot be discerned by men and outward membership does not mark you significantly different. Only by your outward behaviour and speech shall you be known to men, to be recognised as different. This is also the message to the seven churches at the beginning of the Book of Revelation.

One parable that instructs us on this particular and in the way of stewardship in the house of our Father God is about the labourers in the vineyard.

The owner went out early in the morning to hire labourers for his vineyard. He bargained with them for a penny a day and sent them into the vineyard. He went out again in the third hour, the sixth hour and the ninth hour and bargained with all the workers in the same way. Then at the eleventh hour he went out again and found workers standing idle. He said to them 'go into the vineyard and you shall receive what is right.'

When evening came, he instructed his steward to call all the labourers together and pay them their wages. From the last to the first. When those of the eleventh hour came they received a penny. But when the first came they also received one penny and they began to mumble against the owner. 'Those who worked only one hour have been made equal with us who have had to bare the weight of the day and its heat'.

The owner said, 'I am not doing you an injustice. Did you not bargain with me for a penny? Take what is yours and go your way. I wish to give the last the same as to you. Or are you jealous because I am generous?'

The reason why Jesus told this parable was because new disciples had joined the group and Peter had said to Him,' we have given up everything to follow you.' The brothers, James and John, wished to know who would sit on His right hand after He had risen - in other words, who would have first place.

Jesus did not say the words at the end of that parable about the first shall be last and the last first - that was added by the church scribes.

What Jesus was telling them was that human standards do not work in the Kingdom. The law of God does not measure a man in the same way that the earthly law does. He was telling them that it does not matter when you get to the kingdom, you will all receive the same - measure for measure - as you give so shall you receive.

This parable seems straight forward enough. The law demanded that all labourers should receive their pay just before sunset so that they might get to their homes before nightfall after making any family purchases necessary. The sacred law stated: they are poor and live upon what they earn. Do not make them wait for their daily bread.

The owner, the householder, the father of the family, is a law abiding man. Everyone received what had been agreed between them and the master. When they questioned him he gave a just answer. He had acquitted himself to his workers. Jealousy does not reason - the question arises is the eye evil - if so, then blindness prevails.

The vineyard is of course the earth, the field of our Father, God, who has given it into our care. One day, He desires to reap the pure wheat with which He will fill His granaries in His Kingdom. He expects His vineyard will produce clusters of strong grapes that shall bring forth wine with which His elect shall be 'inebriated' - that does not mean made drunk, but to be filled with the power of Holy Spirit.

So He calls men to cultivate the vine, some from infancy, others during their youth, other in the prime of their life and others at the end of their life, according to the mysteries of His divine wisdom and understanding.

He owes no account of His actions to any man. Should He speak to us, we only have to answer, 'Speak Lord, for Thy servant heareth.'

What of the penny: All the stars of heaven shine, but they do not shine with the same brilliance. Therefore, although all receive the same gift of God, not all show that gift in the same way.

Jealousy, for instance, is very hard to overcome, as are many other human frailties. But it is the most destructive of emotions and leads to deviousness, yet all the time believing the actions to be in the name of truth.

Because everyone received in the same way, it is a great leveller. Not withstanding the workers envy, Jesus ended by saying, 'many are called but few are chosen.' Those who had argued with the owner about their penny were by law, forbidden to return to the vineyard the next day to earn another day's wages. So amongst the multitude of workers that had been called for that day, few were chosen.

God wills to save all men. Those who are lost - are lost through their own fault, not by any action of God. God has given man free will and He will not take it away. Neither will He intervene if he sees man going off on a tangent. Men cannot force us to do anything against our will - or against our conscience - neither can God. He may solicit. He may persuade. But He cannot force.

Let us therefore, watch and pray, whilst labouring in His vineyard because we know that our wages shall indeed by a justification of our action.

The message of Jesus is simple - love has no boundaries. He shows how God can work through the lives of all mankind. When God is working within us then we lose all barriers and prejudices because we are connected to our soul at the centre of our Being.  When connected to that spiritual wisdom then we can achieve.

Because the church fathers lost the message of the Kingdom, they turned it into a message of the cross. But the message of Jesus was lost in the trappings and doctrine of Christianity, which maybe should be called churchianity.

But if you think about yourself, knowing that the kingdom is you, God cannot be damaged. If you cut yourself - you heal yourself. If in your mind you say, do not heal - then you will not. If your mind says do not accept - then you will not.

We do not earn the kingdom. We cannot buy the kingdom. It is buried deep within us. We have to find it.

How great a responsibility then is our stewardship of this kingdom. The gift that we gain from being a member far outways any earthly treasure. Peace of mind here in this alien land is a blessing indeed when others around us are in a state of turmoil: Mercy, forgiveness, compassion, understanding, spiritual discernment, wisdom, knowledge, faith promise, service and sacrifice and most of all love - because the latter encompasses all the other gifts and many more besides.

Along your earthly journey you will be asked to accept many changes. Most of those changes will need to take place within yourself and you will surely recognise the change for yourself. Many responsibilities will be offered to you. Whether you accept them or not will be your choice - that will be your free will in action.

Do not run away from your responsibility - from your stewardship. You are surrounded by workers in worlds unseen and unknown. Their levels of power depend upon your effort. Your ability to overcome difficulties assists in the creation of an uplifting power that they need in order to carry out their work so that they can help those who are in need in the many mansions in the House of God. Their power flows freely to you in the form of an all encompassing love. In just one year you can create enough goodness within the earth to influence all mankind and to strengthen them within the love of God with such force that they will never leave it. There is no separation in the Kingdom of God - just a variety of dimensions that come together for one whole purpose - the spreading of the Message of Jesus the Christ throughout the whole universe so that the light of the universe should be made brighter still through the effort of His loving and wonderful creation - His children - that is the plan and purpose of our loving Father God.

God bless and strengthen you as you go forward into a work that will carry your fingerprints for ever."

Megan Long
National President of The Greater World