More than a religion...a way of life

Are you able to help others in your community? Have you ever thought about how you could help? Yours could be the only act of kindness that someone might receive all day. Your smile could be the only light in the life of someone who is suffering.

You, whoever you are, could be the only expression of a loving Father, the Divine within man, when you become a power for good. So let your light shine wherever you are...


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As well as offering a walk-in bookshop based at our headquarters at 3-5 Conway Street, Fitzrovia, London, we also offer an online bookshop.

You'll discover a wide selection of books, gifts and leaflets covering a broad range of subjects - including spiritual healing, prayer, poetry, Bible study and plenty more.

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How are we different from other spiritualist organisations?

The Greater World is a Christian Spiritualist Organisation.

We work with the power of Holy Spirit to spread The Word of God, to heal those in physical, mental and spiritual need and to communicate with loved ones who have passed over to the higher life.

We believe Spirit Communion is a sacred gift and certainly not for the purpose of entertainment or idle curiosity - but to bring messages of hope, upliftment and, most important of all, spiritual guidance.

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"Our aim is to spread in all directions the truth of survival after death,

of spirit communion, of healing by the power of Holy Spirit and to

disseminate the teachings received from highly evolved messengers."